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Grant Myrdal Photography is back for his 7th season at Mt. Hood Meadows. He offers professional action photography for all skiers and boarders. All skill levels are welcome, from the first tentative turns of a child on the Ballroom carpet to extreme skiing or riding in Heather Canyon. Grant is a South African born photographer currently living in Bend, OR. He grew up surfing some of the best waves in the world at Jefferey's Bay and won the prestigious J-Bay Billabong Pro in 1987. After traveling the world for 5 years, he settled in the US and discovered the magic of the mountains, first in the Wasatch range of Utah and now in the Cascades. His photos have been published in numerous magazines worldwide, including Outside, Surfer, Surfing, The Surfers Path and African Surfrider. In addition, his striking images of moving water have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Newport RI and New York City. To see more of his work and to purchase fine art prints, go to his brand new website:


Purchase your pre-season package now and get all your photos of the 2015/16 season for one low price!
In addition, Grant will make it much easier for you to access your best photos by keeping them all in a dedicated personal folder. Your digital copies will be available weekly or monthly, as you wish. Just stop by the booth and pick them up...
click on the 2015/16 ski season user guide above for details on how to find us on the mountain, how to purchase photos and all the services offered including private photo shoots and mountain photography workshops.
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