Purchase your season package and get all your photos of the 2021/22 season for one low price!

Season pass holders  will have a personal folder created for them on this site where i will save all their  photos. No need to search,  no need to choose, you just get the powder goodness delivered straight to your folder to browse and download at any time

Four season pass packages are available:

Individual: $199.00 for all your photos of the season

Two pack: Sign up with a friend or partner and you get all your photos for $149.00 each.

Three and Four pack: Sign up with 3, 4 or more friends and you all get the season's photos for $119.00 each

Family pack: Sign up as a family of 3 or more at $85.00 per family member (kids under five years old $25 each) and your whole families photos are included.

This pass will include all your photos from the beginning to end of the season. Call Grant at 914-310-9051 or email him at to purchase the package that suits you...

Offer applies only to digital copies of your photos. Custom prints ordered direct through me (not off the website) will be 50% if you are enrolled in any of these season pass packages


On the mountain, look for the blue banners up on the slopes which indicate where Grant is shooting.  When you see the blue flags, head that way.  He shoots sequences of each turn you lean into, so ski your best, and remember to smile! Snow, sun and bluebird powder days are good for shooting and he'll be there, posted wherever conditions are best. Rain, fog and whiteout blizzard not so much,  so we try to avoid those days. Take note of the time you ski by to enable easy image retrieval. To view and purchase your photos, go to the photo booth located on the 2nd floor of the North lodge, or find all the photo listed by date and location here :


This is the best deal for serious powderhounds and families alike. Grant will accompany you as you ride the mountain, setting up photo shoots along the way. For a powder lover, that means getting epic, exceptional quality video and/or photos of you carving up the mountain. For families and visitors to the mountain, this is a great way to explore more of the mountain with Grant as your guide recording the adventure. All the video/photos shot are available same day right after your shoot . See pricing below.


Want to learn to shoot snow photos like a pro? The workshops offered by Grant Myrdal Photography allow this unique opportunity exclusively at Mt. Hood Meadows. Targeted specifically at snow and mountain shooting, these full day workshops equip you with the tools to create spectacular photos in all conditions. Participants learn how to shoot great manual exposure shots in snowy conditions, every time. Grant will demystify the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, and develop a range of simple but effective composition tools for both action images and serene landscape photos. The best part is getting out on the mountain with Grant to put the theory into practice, and realizing that it is possible to learn all of this in one day. Read what these satisfied students said about the workshops:

Thanks for an amazing day I cant believe I took those shots and I cant believe how much I learned in one day. Im so inspired to get up there and do it again

You have the gift of making technical information interesting and easy to understand. I would recommend your class to any photographer at any level of expertise who wants to learn how to take really great pictures, anywhere!

Full day class (9 AM - 4 PM), including tuition and take-home summary notes costs $195. Minimum registration of three people for the class. This year's workshops are on Feb 2, March 8 and April 5.  For more information or to reserve a place in a class, stop by the Photo Booth or call Grant at 914.310.9051


$15.00 per digital image, burnt to cd

Custom Prints:

$25.00 for 8x10 print

$45.00 for 12x18 print

All other print sizes available for purchase online, just click the "buy" button above the image you want and scroll through print options

(Bulk prices are available on digital images. stop by at the booth to ask for the price breaks or call grant at 914-310-9051. Purchase custom prints direct through Grant and receive the digital copy FREE.)


Single: $250.00

2 people: $175.00 per person

3 people:  $150.00 pp

4 people:   $125.00 pp

5 to 9 people:  $90.00 pp

10 or more: $60.00 pp

* Price includes all video/photos from the 1 hr shoot burnt to a cd



• Photo Booth located on second floor in the North Lodge- Wednesday through Sunday 1-5 PM, weather permitting

• Phone: 914.310.9051

• On Instagram at 'grant myrdal'

• On Facebook at 'grant myrdal photography

• View images online at

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